Why Trying To Make Profit Online Is The Wrong Way To Start

From Overwhelm To Getting Shit Done Slowly

Everybody wants to make profit online!

And who can blame them?

Even if you THINK money is the root of all evil, I’d still rather “cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle“!

Which brings me to one of the most expensive lessons I’ve ever had to swallow in my life.

Trying to make a profit from the get-go is just wrong!

Let me explain…

I’ve been trying to make a profit online throughout my twenties. I’ve built numerous sites, products, pages and suffered as a result from it.

I mean.. I’ve survived. I’ve made a buck or two. I’ve even registered aMillionaireBy30 dot com when I was 29 in an attempt to push myself forward.

Well.. I failed at that too.

And you know why?

Because I tried to make a profit, damn it!

Here’s the thing..

When you’re trying to make a buck or two online, it’s as if you take a 3-month old and sign it up to do a graduation speech at Harvard.

Sure, it’ll take you about 21 years to get you there but who’s got time for that?

21 Years? Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!

It’s about the time it’ll take you too to make a profit if you keep making this #1 mistake I’m about to share with you.

Back to getting a kid ready for graduation.. here’s what you’ve got him to learn to do:

  • Wipe his dried off milk off his moustache
  • Put some pants on
  • Tie his shoes
  • Put on a tie (it’s Harvard, after all!)
  • Read (assuming he’ll write his speech in advance.. he “could” potentially wing it)
  • Write (unless you write his speech for him)
  • Speak (a-ha, “English, do you speak it?”)
  • Deal with speaking in public (that’s a biggy)
  • … wonder what you’ll need to figure out to make a graduation speech, hmm.

I could go on and on and on.

Starting to see where I’m going with this yet?

“Making profit”, although it may appear to be simple, it ain’t easy my friend.

You’ve got to learn the money formula, making offers, getting a website, hosting, landing pages, traffic, emails, upsells, funnels, and a couple more things in between.

That is why I recommend my secret “Get Shit Done Club” clients DO the thing first, before they even THINK about making a profit.

Let’s take a “sell a product with webinar” for example.

Have you heard of one? You probably have if you’re on here. I don’t like to deal with total noobs.

They sell you on “take this webinar template and retire in paradise“.

You know how many people take that bait? LOADS. How many actually finish the course? You can probably count ’em on your fingers.

And how many profit right out of the gate? You can fuuuhget about ‘t!

So what do you do?

You DON’T focus on profits, silly!

See the trend?

That is why we’re about to launch a new Facebook Marketing Simulator where you get to learn and practice this whole “making money online” thing.

Start putting up sites, pages, ads, and blog posts, WITHOUT the overwhelm.

It works by giving you a fake environment of all the tools you’ll ever need to start with. You won’t need to spend thousands on courses, hosting, page builders, and most important..

Save on throwing away your money on Facebook Ads while you’re a total greenhorn!

Interested? Good.

We’re putting on final touches, click here to get on the waiting list to be notified. You owe it to yourself.

And remember.. it’s NOT about the profit. At first. Then you get to join in the ranks. Make all the dough in the world. You can even roll in it in your pyjamas on a beach.

Because why not?

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