What Do These Lead-Generating “Quiz Funnel” Facebook Ads Have In Common?

There’s no better engagement you can get with your ads than come up with a really cool Quiz that your prospects would be excited about to share.

Not only is it a great lead-generation tool, it is also a very sneaky way to learn more about your leads and bucket them into various categories.

The easiest and most simple of them all is to start with “Are you a Man or Woman?” question.

It gets the prospect engaged and if you keep them interested enough, they’ll continue on sliding down the slippery slope that you’ve created for them.

To help you design some of these quizzes, we’ve pulled some of the top “Quiz Funnel” ads running on Facebook today.

The tool that has helped us do that is the AdSwiper Facebook Ad Spy Tool.

Quiz Ad #1
Which “Exercise Type” Are You?

“Created by mother nature perfected by science” – love that quote!

Standing at solid 2.3M views, this one’s definitely making it rain.

Here’re the questions:

  • Are you a man or a woman?
  • How old are you?
  • What is your goal?
    • Lost Fat or Lose Weight
    • Lost Fat and Gain Lean Muscle
    • Build Strength and Lean Muscle
    • Heal Injuries and Fix Your Aches and Pains
  • Any injuries, aches or pains?
  • What area of the body would you like to change the most?
    • Arms & Chest
    • Belly Fat & Love Handles
    • Buns & Thighs
  • How flexible are you?

Do you think you could do something with the above information? I’m salivating as I write this to come up with products and find affiliate offers just to help solve any and all of the above problems!

Quiz Ad #2
What Is Your No. 1 Success Blocker?

This one’s juicy.

Why? Because it adapts the questions to the answers it already learns about you as you go. Just see how the questions are tied to what I answer from step to step.

8 steps in this quiz get you to fork up the following information about you:

  • Are you a man or a woman?
  • Men tend to receive compliments differently compared to women. What do you do when someone compliments you?
    • I smile and appreciate it
    • I say thank you! I love compliments
    • I sometimes feel uncomfortable and don’t know what to say
  • Great! People who show gratitude for compliments tend to get more of them, and make friends more easily. How do you deal with meeting new people?
    • I love it! I make instant friends with everyone!
    • I like talking to new people.
    • I find it difficult to talk to people I don’t know.
  • Your social habits may influence how you set goals. Also, studies show men are more receptive to goals than women, so how do you set yours?
    • The bigger and crazier the better! I love to stretch myself.
    • I set reasonable goals and achieve them.
    • I won’t set a goal unless I know with 100% certainty that I’ll achieve it.
  • People who set big goals are often confident in asking for what they want. Can we guess you’re the same?
    • True! I’m a lion, hear me roar!
    • Most of the time. I regularly speak up and ask for what I want, and I usually get it.
    • Not true. I have a hard time using my voice to ask for what I want.
  • You try your best to speak up when you can. Are you also not concerned with what others think of you?
    • I don’t care what others think about me at all.
    • Sometimes, but not all of the time.
    • I constantly worry about what others think about what I say and do.
  • It’s normal to sometimes be affected by people’s opinions. Do you expect perfection in yourself?
    • I love and accept myself, faults and all.
    • I like to do my best, but I know that it’s ok if I fail sometimes.
    • I tend to be hard on myself, finding fault in everything I do.
  • There’s nothing wrong with failure, as long as you make the decision to keep trying. Speaking of decisions, neuroscientists believe men are more likely to take bigger risks when faced with high-pressure decisions. How do you feel about making decisions?
    • They’re a snap! No problem.
    • I find it pretty easy to make up my mind, though I occasionally second guess myself.
    • I have an extremely hard time making even the smallest decisions. It’s a painful process.

How wonderful the quiz above makes me feel about being a man. I wonder what it would say if I chose to say that I’m a woman… I guess I’ll play with that later.

Quiz Ad #3
What Is Your “Abundance Archetype”?

This quiz is playing hard to get.

I really wanted to show you what the questions are for this one but they asked me about name and email up front.

I don’t know what my “Abundance Archetype” is and I don’t frankly care. The landing page also mentions something about my unique “Money DNA”. A bit more interesting but not enough to peak my interest.

What’s the lesson here for those of you too lazy to think?

If you build an amazing quiz, why put the opt-in form all the way up-front.. silly is what I say! (unless tested otherwise, of course).

Quiz Ad #4
What’s Your Investing IQ?

Ahh.. Mr. Kiyosaki. Rich Dad Poor Dad. Got your book in Russian language as a present when I was just 13 years old. I read it. But didn’t “get” it.

Only years later did I get re-introduced to the Rich Dad Poor Dad concept. One of the classics.

You can’t be serious telling me that you haven’t read this one yet?! Well you don’t have to. You don’t have to do anything. Might as well sleep all day and eat all night for all I care (I’m smiling right about now, if you’re at all curious).

So, this quiz also has an opt-in form all the way up-front. But I’m sorta curious how much I’ll score.

So I opt-in before taking the quiz..

And here’s what I get:

  • Select an Investment Category to Start Your Quiz
    • Real Estate
    • Stocks
    • Commodities
    • Products
  • Which online site specializes in Arts and Crafts?
    • Amazon
    • Etsy
    • Ebay
    • Walmart.com
  • In 2016 there were _____ million US online shoppers.
    • 24
    • 57
    • 106 (I picked this one, WRONG!)
    • 211
  • What sales percentage did online sales grow in 2015?
    • 15%
    • 10.2%
    • 5.5%
    • None
  • On what network was the hashtag introduced?
    • Myspace
    • Twitter
    • CBS
    • Facebook
  • What sales percentage did Amazon grow in 2015?
    • None
    • 11.6%
    • 15%
    • 25%
  • What type of email allows recipients to buy goods and services directly from an email message, without being redirected to the retailer’s website?
    • Co-marketing email
    • Transactional email
    • Form submission
    • Digital magazine
  • The percentage of people who visit your website and leave without viewing any additional pages.
    • Joe job
    • Opt out
    • A/B split
    • Bounce rate
  • Which is a realistic engagement rate on Facebook?
    • 0.05%
    • 0.25%
    • 2.5%
    • 12.5%
  • There are how many “likes” daily on Instagram?
    • 1 billion
    • 150 million
    • 15 million (definitely not this one)
    • 1.5 million
  • Amazon was founded by ________?
    • Elon Musk
    • Jeff Bezos
    • Larry Page
    • Kevin Systrom
  • What percent of your Facebook’s ad image is allowed to be text?
    • 10%
    • 20%
    • 30%
    • 40%
  • An Independent entity that sells the products they own to retailers for a profit are called ___________.
    • Distributors
    • Channel intermediaries
    • Wholesalers
    • Manufacturers

And the drum roll please… Ta Da Da Da Dum .. I got 83%! Oh man..

The cool part is based on my results, here’s what I’m presented with: an eBook, a Course, and even another Course!

Quiz Results - Affiliate Offers

That’s just getting my brain spinning with ideas.

You may see a quiz from me some time soon. It’s fun. It’s shareable. I learned a thing or two. And it made me feel good that I know this stuff. Yes, take my ego and raise it up another notch. Anytime!

Quiz Ad #5
What’s Your #1 Aging Habit?

Taking this quiz reminded me of a time I first heard about “crow’s feet”. Apparently it’s a big deal for women, and a huge problem to solve for an entire cosmetic industry.

It’s the little wrinkles that appear around the eyes. Making the woman feel old every time she looks up in the mirror.

If you’re in the business to fix “crow’s feet”, you’re really selling a solution to your prospect feeling old. Nothing less. Nothing more.

Now back to the quiz, here it is..

  • Are You a Man or a Woman? (Note: see the trend yet?)
  • What Is Your Age Range?
  • How Do You Usually Talk On The Phone?
    • On speaker
    • On my left ear
    • On my right ear
    • In-ear, hands-free device
  • Do You Smoke?
  • On An Average Day, Do You Text
    • Less than 10 times
    • Between 10-30 times
    • More than 30 times
  • What Is Most Often People’s First Impression Of You?
    • Sad
    • Angry
    • Happy
    • Serious
    • Stressed
  • How Do You Usually Sleep At Night?
    • On your back
    • On your side
    • On your stomach
  • Which One Of These Best Describes How You Chew Your Food?
    • Left side
    • Both sides equally
    • Right side
  • When The Sun Is Out Do You Wear Sunglasses On a Regular Basis?
  • Men Who Are Under Forty Typically Suffer From 1 Of The Same 7 Aging Habits…. Tell Me, Which Of The Following Best Describes Your Situation?
    • I feel as if my whole face is sagging. I want a full toning step-by-step plan
    • I’ve had a lot of stress and it shows up on my face. I want help reversing the damage.
    • I feel isolated worrying about the impact of aging. I want to connect with others like me.
    • I’m starting to see changes that I don’t like when I look in the mirror. I want to regain my confidence.
    • I’m having a difficult time with a specific facial area (for example: droopy eyelids, smile lines, turkey neck). I want a routine that solely focuses on my problem area.
  • What Specific Facial Changes Do You Want To See?
    • I want to firm up my neck and jawline and get rid of a turkey neck
    • I want to decrease the wrinkles around my eye area, reduce dark circles, eye puffiness and droopy eyelids
    • I want to work on my mouth area and diminish my nasolabial folds and lip lines
    • I want to smooth out the lines on my forehead area and stop frowning
    • I want to make my face more symmetrical
  • If you could improve one area of your face, what would it be?
    • My neck area (double chin, turkey neck, saggy neck skin)
    • My eye area (bloodshot eyes, eye bags, dark circles etc)
    • My mouth area (mouth wrinkle, smile lines, saggy lower cheek skin)
    • My overall asymmetry (one eye/eyebrow is lower than the other)

Based on my answers, I got the following:

Your #1 Aging Habit is likely “Aging Habit #5” which typically adds 5 to 10 years to a Woman’s face (you’ll see why).

Now, I actually entered that I’m a Man (last time I checked), so I’m assuming these guys are running the ads only to Women. And yet they still start with “Are you a Man or a Woman?” Isn’t that interesting.. They ask the question even though they perfectly know the answer already.

What could it be? Why would they ask a rhetorical question (a question you don’t really need an answer to)?

Perhaps it could be the little push to get you rolling down the slippery slope, huh.. Take note if you at all have any useful mass up there in your noggin.

Quiz Ad #6
Which Interviews You’ll Pass At Companies You Love?

This one surprised me with their first practice question. You answer it first, get the idea of questions to follow, get excited to see the results, and then.. you need to enter an email to continue!

Gosh, can you believe that, they want my email again!

They start with the first question filtering out any non-techies who happen to click on the ad. Reminds me of a Google billboard that got some attention after they advertised this to attract some smart rocket scientists:

Google Looking For Engineers via Billboard

Anyhoo, here it goes:

  • What will the following code print? [a bunch of gibberish if you don’t know code]
  • Enter your email
  • Sign up (enter your name and password)

They lost me on that sign up part. I thought it was going to be a fun quiz and they’re asking me to move-in before they’ve taken me out for dinner.

It’s a great concept that could up the results simply by actually providing a Quiz as they promised. Not a “fill out your profile” form.

Great idea for a Saas none-the-less. Perhaps we’ll try it for our AdSwiper, a Facebook Ad Spy tool.

Quiz Ad #7
What’s The Perfect Lead Generation Funnel For Your Business?

Mr. Fletcher caught my attention with his ad that generated quite a buzz in the comments. Perhaps there’ll be a time I write about it too. It started with this..

STOP Feeding the Gurus and START Generating Leads…

Totally agree with the above. So do thousands of others. Mr. Fletcher was the first to say it. In my mind at least. So he gets to keep that position forever unless he messes up. I’m sure there’s a marketing lesson up there somewhere (right in this paragraph, you dummy!)

Some of my leads are perfect for Mr. Fletcher and vice-versa, so I’m sure I’ll be referring back to this quiz when I build one myself.

Let’s begin!

  • Do you serve businesses or consumers?
    • Businesses (B2B)
    • Consumers (B2C)
    • Haven’t Decided
  • Which of the following BEST describes your business?
    • Consulting or Agency
    • Coaching Services
    • Online Training
    • Local Business
    • Software (Saas)
    • E-Commerce
  • How much is a new customer worth to your business?
    • $5-$500
    • $500-$1,500
    • $1,500-$10,000
    • $10,000+
  • What does your LEAD FLOW look like right now?
    • Drought – no leads!
    • Tickle- some leads
    • Flow – steady leads
    • Flood – leads galore!
  • How Tech-savvy are you?
    • Fully Frustrated!
    • I can “paste a pixel”…
    • Total GEEK!!

And then name and email.

In trying to leave the page, I also got an exit popup, asking..

Don’t Forget Your Customized Funnel MAP and Training!

With an enticing picture. Not bad. 10 points for trying to capture the people who complete the quiz and decide to leave without opting in anyway.

Not only that, but there’s also an Intercom message (online chat and support software, pretty cool I’d say, a close competitor to Zendesk, Helpscout, and Desk.com among several other options), with the following message to get me to sign up for a webinar:

I’ll show you a “screen by screen” case study of me setting up a simple funnel that generates $2,744.00 per day using my secret “ugly ad strategy” – you’ll really love this training 🙂

Love seeing fellow marketers doing what they preach!


And there you have it. Lots of quiz ideas to implement. Yes, there’s some tech-geekiness involvement required and perhaps I’ll post about how to make it simple and connect it to your email list segmentation software too.

In the meantime, have you seen our Top 7 “Free Book Plus Shipping” Ads With Over 15 Million Views yet?

Almost forgot!

So what do all these “Quiz Funnel” Facebook ads have in common?

Way higher share-to-like ratios than any other “typical” ad. The top ad is going as high up as 63%. That’s bordering on going viral if you ask me.