Top 7 “Free Book Plus Shipping” Facebook Ads With Over 15 Million Views

Free Book Plus Shipping offers are one of the more popular offers you may have heard about.

The ads you’re about to see have already generated more than 15 Million combined views on Facebook.

Even at 1 cent per view (which, is quite conservative), that’s still over $150,000 spent on advertising giving away free books!

You can be sure there’s some method to the madness.

The advertisers are also not some big-dumb-companies with deep pockets to spend on “image” advertising either.

You could probably guess most of the advertisers who would fit the top 7, and yet #5 is definitely a surprise

So, How Did We Pick The Top 7 Free Book + Shipping Ads?

Although we may not be looking at the whole universe of Facebook Ads out there in all of the industries, what we did look at is the growing collection of ads provided by AdSwiper Facebook Ad Spy Tool.

First, we identified all kinds of various Free Book plus Shipping offers. Then we sorted by the amount of Likes the ads have received.

Why did we go with Likes, you may ask?

Facebook, and therefore AdSwiper, unfortunately do not provide the number of Views on the non-video, static image ads. So we thought # of Likes would be the next most appropriate measure.

So, before further ado..

Ad #1 – Russell Brunson’s DotCom Secrets Book

DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson

It is not surprising that the first place goes to Russell Brunson’s DotCom Secrets book.

One of the top marketing minds of our day, Russell is on a mission to change the world by showing how easy it is to sell stuff online.

Having been educated in Direct Marketing since he was a little kid and now running his own supplement company, Russell is one of the rare breed of teachers and coaches who actually do what they teach.

Being the main guy behind Clickfunnels, a software that’s taking over the online marketing world by storm, Russell has generated over $100,000,000 (that’s $100 million) in sales and grew to 55,000 customers in just 3 and half years since he launched Clickfunnels back in September of 2014.

As of 2018, Russell’s training, teaching, and software has created over 206 millionaires who are in his exclusive club called the 2 Comma Club.”

It is great to see Russell take the first place because that’s exactly what he teaches in his free book that he’s giving away – DotCom Secrets – “A simple process that ANY company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversion & sales online.”

Perhaps there’s something to learn from this guy?…

Ad #2 – Dean Graziosi’s Millionaire Success Habits Book

Millionaire Success Habits by Dean Graziosi

I have come to know about Dean through his affiliation with Joe Polish from ILoveMarketing podcast (which I’ve listened to over 200 episodes!) and his Genius Network.

Dean is well known for his long-time-running informecials on TV about real estate investing.

Although I have not followed through his teachings on Real Estate Investment, I have come to like and appreciate everything that Dean is putting out into the world.

It is no doubt that Russell has something to do with Dean’s success in being able to run a Free Book + Shipping offer to over 10 million views. (Heh, frankly, their landing pages look almost identical!)

By the way, I’ve collected links to direct Facebook posts for all of these ads and their landing pages (including screenshots) for use in my own swipe file, if you’d like to get a copy, click here.

Ad #3 – Russell Brunson’s (Again!) Expert Secrets Book

Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

This guy is unstoppable!

Not only is he running his DotCom Secrets ad to 3.7 million views, he’s also pushing his new Expert Secrets book to the masses.

Another highly recommended book if you’re at all interested in selling information online (or use Clickfunnels for that matter). This book is an absolute must in any marketer’s library who’s considering himself to grow into an expert.

A couple of things to note about the ad itself:

  • The ad is running from Russell Brunson himself and not Clickfunnels (personality-based marketing rocks!)
  • Text containing nothing but a testimonial (adding social proof)
  • Image that shocks you into paying attention (and creates curiosity)
  • Celebrity status – Russell tried to get Tony Robbins to recommend the book to his own list with no success, yet it didn’t stop him from borrowing from Tony’s public image and celebrity status
  • Honesty – the ad does mention “(just cover s&h)” so there’s no surprises

Ad #4 – Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Habits Book

High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard

Would you believe me if I said that my girlfriend took advantage of this Free Book plus Shipping offer from Brendon Burchard and got me High Performance Habits for my .. Birthday??

Well it happened.

And the sad part is I wasn’t there to hack the funnel the first time around!

Brendon is another brilliant marketer doing good for the world. His other books include Motivation Manifesto and Life’s Golden Ticket along with his numerous courses and live events.

This being his 6th book, Brendon got his things figured out with how to profit from book launches and running paid offers on Facebook.

One cool part of the book I attempt to bring every day to my life is his concept of “Bring The Joy!” Essentially going around my day and seeing how can I bring the Joy to myself and those I interact with.

With ONLY 1.7 million views, Brendon takes the 4th spot in what appears to be a line-up of success, marketing and high performance type books.

Ad #5 – The Tuttle Twins’ The Law Book

The Law by The Tuttle Twins

To be honest, this book (and ad) have come as a surprise to join the list of other heavy-hitters.

Although there are a bunch of other free book offers that we could talk about, most of them run a free digital copy offer trying to keep things simple and save on effort it takes to mail actual physical copies.

This book goes for $4.74 S&H fee with an immediate upsell of $1 to also receive a printed copy of the original essay (that has now been converted to a kids’ version).

Now if you actually read the comments, you’ll also notice right away that the quality of the product matters greatly in the success of your marketing campaign. There’s only so many ways you could polish a turd.

You can see it with an above-average share-to-like ratio of 43% compared to a more commonly occurring ratio of 10% or less.

One other secret for these guys’ success is it’s their 8th book. And do you think once a customer buys one book and they like it, what are the chances they’d buy another, and another?

Some food for thought there for ya..

Ad #6 – Perry Marshall’s 80/20 Sales & Marketing Book

80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall

Although this is not really a “free book” offer, I’d consider 1 cent to be pretty close to “free”. That’s another way how Perry finds a way to stand-out from the pack and be different.

If you also ever had a hard time coming up with what to write in an ad copy, look no further but what Perry is doing with this particular ad. All he did was open his book, find some interesting section and copy paste it into an ad.

And Voila!

Knowing Perry for this analytical mindset and watching numbers like a hawk, I’m quite sure he’s run this ad against at least 30 other alternatives and over time this one bubbled up as a winner.

The landing page alone is a work of copywriting-art

As in Perry is pushing people to an entire 12,098 word (I counted!) sales letter just to sell them on a 1c book.

On the one hand Perry’s doing a great job, on another he’s been doing it for the last 20 years. So if you’re just starting out, don’t be like Perry.

Study what he’s doing but also understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day and that your own book empire will need to take a day or two to self-generate as well.

I’ve benefited from Perry’s products greatly, and kinda, secretly glad to see his name on the list.


Ad #7 – Frank Kern’s (of course..) “How To Get Consulting Clients Fast Even If Nobody Has Ever Heard Of You” Book

Book by Frank Kern

Notice how I said “of course” seeing Frank Kern’s name on the list. One of the most thrown-around names on Warrior Forums and the new kids on the block, and many of the old timers have studied a thing or two from the master.

The book is actually a 68 page report (that Mr. Kern uses as a benefit of “you can read it in an afternoon”) bound in a nice shiny wrapper. It’s a sales letter disguised as an informational book as only an expert marketer sticking to the old principles can make happen.

The book indeed does have great points of how lucrative it is to become a consultant..

And it leaves you wanting to know more.

Another unique thing I noticed about Frank Kern’s offer is his use of curiosity building “fascination points” on the order form, here’re some examples:

  • Five ways to get prospects eager to buy (on page 53)…
  • How to get clients in the next fourteen days (on page 48)…
  • Instantly get in front of perfect prospects with money to spend (on page 45)…
  • The near-psychic approach to generating leads and subscribers, It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before (on page 50)…

A brilliant copywriting job on creating those bullets. Don’t you want to know what those are and flip straight to page 48 right away?

In our research we’ve also noticed a number of other “Public Figures” using the exact same letter format and even letter content in promoting their Free Book plus Shipping offers.

So if it works for Mr. Frank Kern, AND several others.. it smells like a repeatable system to me, wouldn’t you say so yourself?

If you’ve come this far, it only means you’re REALLY interested in running a free book plus shipping campaign.

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