The Tools and Resources I Use Myself... Frequently
"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."
- Abraham Lincoln
Tools. It is what differentiates us from the next smartest animal* (can you guess what it is?) Tools save you time, money and let you create things that would otherwise wouldn't be possible. 

Below is my set of tools I use on a daily and weekly basis. Some of these are affiliate links. You don't have to use them. Nor do you have to use a cell phone. People 50 years ago lived without them just as well. Just sayin'.
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Are you familiar with the term "opportunity cost"? It is the cost you pay by NOT doing something you know you need to do.

Yes, I'm a techie. I can put up a site and pages from a text file, coding it up through the night. And you know what would happen next? I'd be so tired and exhausted by the time the tech part is done, I'd give up on the whole project. 

ClickFunnels helps me with that. No tech needed. Plus it just motivates you to add in that order form because it is that simple.

A Wix site shows pretty pictures. With ClickFunnels you actually make money.
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AdSwiper: Facebook Ad Spy Tool
Learning from other people's mistakes is not for everybody. Some of us prefer to experience pain ourselves by following only our own footsteps!

I love taking shortcuts to success, which includes studying what already works for others when it comes to Facebook ads.

AdSwiper a searchable library of Facebook ads to swipe and deploy offers, strategies, images, videos and landing pages that are working for others, including your competitors.
* Chimpanzees are the second smartest animal followed by Bottlenose Dolphins (according to the Internet)
Ultimate "Free Book + Shipping" Resource Guide
Discover what goes on behind the scenes in making Top 7 "Free Book plus Shipping" offers work and how one company is charging $2,422.95 to send them a "free" book.
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