From Dreaming About "Someday" To #GettingShitDone
It's Time To Close That Knowledge-Action Gap
Dear Online Entrepreneur,

I was desperate.

I was forced to sell the business and dissolve the partnership for the second time.

Receiving those final letters in the mail put a final closure on yet another chapter in my life and it was time to turn the page over. Having put my blood, sweat and tears into working through all-nighters for the two years prior, it was not an easy pill to swallow.

But life had to go on.

It was the beginning of a new journey. A journey that would take me around the world meeting some of the greatest human beings on Earth. Some of the secrets I discovered on the way, I'd like to share with you now. 
First, a Calling To Escape The Grind
I sold my first website at the age of 13 for $250. And that was way back in the year 2000 (that's like $361.49 in 2018 dollars with the inflation and all).

I met my first official 'entrepreneurial' client through an online chat who needed a website built for his club promotion business. I put in a good 2 weeks worth of work staying up late, taking care of every minute detail to bring it up to perfection. Then another 2 weeks after that, a cheque has arrived in the mail. It had my name on it.

I wish I had framed it.

Since then I was hooked. I got really good at the technical part of things. Putting sites up, connecting different systems, developing code. 

Then around 2007, Salesforce made big news being compared to the next Google and Facebook. It was a technical software (peaked my interest) and it helped companies sell more. It was about that time I was thinking about the skills I was missing - an ability to sell, on demand, whenever I needed or was available for another project.

I knew I could learn from whatever this Salesforce thing was doing. A software that helps people sell and make money? Up to that point I'm not sure if any website that I've built had made any money to its owner. 
They looked good and worked well, but making money? Probably not.
So I joined the company. I wanted to learn how to sell. Although my skills and training at the time could really be used in the engineering department, I wanted to get closer to the 'front lines'. Not yet good enough for a sales person or answering phones all day long, I was good enough to join their tech support team.

Quickly rising up the ranks and learning things like the Sales Process, Lead Management, Opportunity Forecast, it took no time (more like a year or two) to become the master of the top Sales CRM system.

Seeing how companies sell and later consulting them on how to design their sales processes, I felt like I finally had enough chops to again go out on my own

I had a dream but no plan.

By that time I knew how to make websites and I knew how large companies sell. It was time to connect the two and...
Build Websites That Sell!
Because I was still happily employed, I knew I could NOT take on large projects on the side. I could not go around and sell custom sites to different companies. 

Instead, I devised a clever plan to build out a model website once, and then sell it! It was the beginning of my love to do work once and have it paid for over and over.

Even after selling that business, the new owner is still reaping rewards for the work I've done almost 10 years ago. Here's a quick snapshot of what it was doing back then...
First Saas Product. It allowed restaurants to grow their list and spread the word.
Here's the kicker though.. I sold that company because I hit a plateau. I knew I had a good product but had no sales experience to actually be able to go out and sell it.

My thought process was, "For the next project I'll need to find a good sales guy."

And that's what I did. With the next project, I connected with the top sales person in the Personal Injury industry and I built one of the best lead management programs that connected the phone system, websites, scheduling, and intake management processes into one package.

After several great successes, we started to hit another plateau. 

My partner at the time has hit a limit of his own network and needed to find new leads to connect with. 
A Tech and a Sales Guys Can't Find Leads
It was about that time that I got introduced to this whole new world of "direct response marketing" that I've never heard about before.

The first ever product we bought was on how to make a Video Sales Letter from none other than Perry Belcher from

It was a good product. Gave us the exact steps to follow and an easy template to fill in. And since we already had a product to sell and our backs pushed back against the wall, we executed hard and fast.

And the result?

We generated a lead or two but there was so much more we needed to learn. The traffic. The headlines. The opt-ins. Conversion. Emails. Upsells. Retention. And more.

And that's when I realized that... 
An Amazing Product is Nothing Without The Marketing
If I didn't know how to sell it, I was done.

And so a new journey began.

You may know the journey I'm talking about. The one of attending seminar after seminar buying up any and all products you can get your hands on. Absorbing all the new information and knowledge you can without going crazy.
2015 Info-Summit. One of the many conferences I attended over the years.
Throughout the climb up my learning curve, I have met many people who have been attending these events for much longer than I have and in our quick discussions revealed that they didn't really have much going for them.

I was then shocked and disappointed to discover that 80% of people don't ever finish an info-product they buy and...
Most Never Implement Anything They Learn
I vowed to myself to never be like the next guy.

Any material that I got my hands on, I plowed through it from cover to cover. Some I'd go through two times, three times and more just to make sure the stuff would sink in.

Not only did I need to understand the material, I wanted to know when and how to apply it too. 

It was the only thing that separated the guys moving forward from the ones standing still.

GKIC's (Dan Kennedy Inner Circle) Chief Marketing Director at the time was Dave Dee who is a master at delivering sales presentations kept sharing his story in an attempt to inspire others to do as he did.
Dave Dee. GKIC's Chief Marketing Director and a Master Sales Presenter
Dave started out as a magician and had trouble finding clients (kids birthday parties). He heard about Dan Kennedy and bought his Magnetic Marketing system.

His back was also pushed hard against the wall, so he, too, got into action right away.

In no time he was booking more clients each month than he did in the previous year.
It Wasn't As Easy For Me...
Having sold my second startup, I was out on my own to try and figure out what to do next.

I didn't have a clear vision. I didn't have a clear purpose. 

I wasn't sure what the future looked like and the worst part of all... I didn't implement the things I was learning because I had a hard time figuring out what to do!

I became that other guy who didn't implement.

Then I went back to what I knew best. I became a consultant to help other companies, who had products, find and serve their customers best. 
I repeated what I already did with Salesforce some years prior. I found the software that helped companies market.

This time I knew better than joining the company full time. I knew how to find clients, I knew how to sell, all I needed was to figure out the software and become certified.

It was like being back in the kindergarten.

The tech part was easy for me. Chris Davis from LeadPages (back then) even coined the term WWDD "What Would Dmitri Do" whenever he needed to come up with a funky solution around campaign editor.

Little did I know back then that the true magic in Infusionsoft is the content that companies would need to write themselves or have the consultants like me write for them.
At Infusionsoft Office. Getting my certification.
The stubborn "nobody can do things better than me" side of me then basically commanded that I learn...
How To Write Marketing Content
So I go on a learning spree on how to write marketing content.

I became obsessed with marketing. I started collecting post cards I received in the mail. People began saving their junkmail for me. I signed up for all kinds of offers from top marketing companies who know what they are doing just to learn from the best. 

My clients from multiple industries started to benefit from what I was doing with other industries. I began cross-pollinating things that were happening in healthcare and applying them to real estate. Taking an offer that worked in personal training and applying it to legal marketing. 

GKIC invited me to lead a Toronto chapter where we'd have monthly meetings and talk marketing.
With Joe Polish and A.J. Mirabedini. Marketing industry giants from ILoveMarketing and GKIC.
As a result of running GKIC marketing meetings in Toronto I was able to experience The One Big Ugly Truth in the whole industry. The Truth I'd wage war against over the following years and that would lead me to what I'm passionate about today.

I'll share with you more about The Big Ugly Truth shortly but first I must tell you what was happening all-the-while I've been pouring Marketing Mastery down my throat. 

Every time I'd setup a new marketing system to generate all the leads and calls my clients could handle, the same thing kept happening. They'd drop a call here. They'd forget about a lead there. 

And the sad part is...
It Was All Outside of My Control
The operational side of the business was lacking behind and I couldn't do anything about it.

It was at that time that I told myself, "Dmitri, the next time you work with a client, you need to control the entire sales process from beginning to end."

Try as I might, egos clashed and I wasn't paid enough to stick it out there to take over entire businesses and help them run better.

The consultant agency model was over for me because I simply cared too much to continue in that business.

So now I run a strictly online operation. I sell my own products, and sell other people's stuff on the internet on affiliate model.
Which Brings Me To The Big Ugly Truth
In The Training/Seminar/Coaching Business
Most people don't get to the breakthroughs they want not because they don't know what to do. In many cases people know exactly what they want to do.

Compare it to a person who wants to lose 10lbs.

They know exactly what they need to do to lose that weight. Information and knowledge is all over the internet. Just pick one exercise program and one diet/nutritional program and your extra weight is gone. 

Yet for months and years on end they convince themselves that they DON'T know what to do or that the programs they DO TRY simply don't work.

The biggest issue is that people have habits, fears, thoughts, feelings, environments, and social interactions that are not conducive to start getting any sort of tangible results!
Without a Proper Support Network
People Simply Don't Get Anything Done
What if, instead, you're put into an environment where:
  • Your Fears Are Flipped Into Excitement: so you stop worrying about all potential failures you might be thinking about
  • You Drop Your Old Habits And Create New, Better Ones: Through special habit-replacement exercises
  •  You Boost Your Willpower: Because your willpower is what you need to get off ground-zero first
  •  You Give New Meaning To Your Emotions: So you're no longer stopped by how you feel
  •  Your Thoughts Are Replaced By Courageous Action: So you get out of your head and into the real world
  •  Your Life Becomes A New Game: Where you level up, find secret treasures, and challenge your bosses
  •  New Possibilities Are Created: Ones you have not even thought possible before
  •  Your Confidence Grows By Leaps And Bounds: Because lack of confidence creates mice of men and women
  •  You Increase Your Overall Level Of Satisfaction: With life, your relationships, your progress, and your results
  •  Everybody Around You Is Part Of The Same Journey: Where you get to share in the challenges, and tell stories
  •  They Hold You Accountable: Because it's much easier to slack-off when nobody's looking
  •  You Hold Them Accountable: So you see how it is from the other side
  •  Frustration And Overwhelm Are Replaced With Fun And Adventure: Because we only have one life to live
  •  You Stop Second-Guessing Yourself And Gain Absolute Certainty: To succeed, to grow, to contribute
  •  Your Doubt Turns Into Power: With our laser-focused just-in-time-learning opportunities to get you off to the races
  •  You Become Your Higher Self: Because we are all here to live out our greatness
  •  You Get The Exact Blueprint You Need And You ACTUALLY Implement It: Because knowledge without action is madness
Imagine yourself being part of a SMALL ELITE group of people (not hundreds or thousands of strangers). Disconnected from the constant interruptions you get on a day to day basis. Focused specifically on the one thing that's holding you back from reaching your next level.

It's like you are in a war-room strategizing, planning and DOING what it is that you need to get done. You become the person who is capable of living the life that you want. And your SMALL ELITE team is helping you get there.

This reminds me of a...
3-Day High-Calibre #GetShitDone Session
That People Paid $10,000 To Attend
Where it was ALL about execution.

Not another "drink-from-the-firehose" informational session. 

Not a sales pitch-fest where each new presenter is about to offer you their new greatest invention since sliced bread.

And not another social get-together where you chit-chat and feel all fuzzy inside but get nothing done in the end.
With GKIC's Dave Dee and Mike Stodola. In a mastermind session working on attendees' webinars, courses and businesses.
This type of #GetShitDone session is the best productivity tool of all. Where you have clear plan of action. You get the support you need. You are blocked off from any distractions. Your phone is off. And you have no other choice but to get to the most important tasks that you already know that you need to do.

Not Everybody Can Afford This Type Of 3-Day Event
To get away from their families.

To pay $10,000 to attend. Plus plane tickets and hotel stay...

What if, instead, this type of environment could be re-created in the comfort of your own home.

Your own "virtual" ELITE TEAM who is there to help you make progress in a similar war-room fashion but without having to take the time off and travel long distances.

With experts around who will take you by the hand and help you get done whatever it is that you need to reach the next level.

Need a designer? There is one available. Have a tech question? There are people to help figure it out. Stuck on a business strategy or where to go next? Experienced business people are available for that too.

How much do you think you'd be able to get done then?

Now extend that to 6 months. What would it mean to you to be in an environment full of other entrepreneurs like you? Working on the same things that you also need to accomplish. Experiencing the same challenges as you do. Showing you that success is indeed possible, outside of all the reasons pulling you back.

That's why I'd like to introduce you to...
The New Online Entrepreneur's #GetShitDoneClub
No more information that you could use later on. Only what's needed now. Just In Time Learning. Or JITL for short.

Building momentum each day to accomplish what's important to you.

90 day planning sessions to help you strategize and work only on what will actually move the needle.

360 degree view of staying productive and moving ahead one step at a time. From health and fitness, to productivity mindset, developing habits, creating products, putting up online sales funnels, and growing to become a person who #GetsShitDone.
Does This Sound of Interest?
If you're finally ready to stop dreaming and start getting things done, I'm inviting you to apply to join our exclusive #GetShitDoneClub.

You know you can't do it alone. Come join the only group out there of people like you who are about to accomplish great things for the world. All while achieving financial freedom, location independence and taking back your time.

Click the button below to apply now. Fill out a short questionnaire to help us understand if you're the right fit. I'll personally review your submission and, if you're accepted into the club, one of my team members will get back to you with next steps.
What Is This #GetShitDoneClub Exactly?
It's an online group of entrepreneurs who want to or have already escaped the 9-5 grind.

Weekly, monthly and 90-day planning sessions.

Daily accountability to focus on just ONE thing at a time even if you only have 20 minutes to spare. And if you don't even have a minute to spare, this is the place where we show you how to eliminate the small and unimportant things in life that suck up your energy.

Focus on your personal health and well-being first.

Reminders and proprietary tracking software to keep you engaged while making it easy and fun to move forward.

It's about simplifying and focusing on what's important.

Focusing on the progress and the results magically appear.

It's about taking small tiny actions. Forget the massive action that everybody else talks about (which clearly doesn't work).
What's The Investment?
The program runs for 6 months.

Your investment is only $1,997 $997.

Cheapest investment you'll ever make to start getting returns on all the money and time you've already invested in growing yourself.

It's time to start #GettingShitDone!
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