I package up your brilliance and help you sell it online.

Put simply, I guide you to get the momentum you need to achieve your dreams

I build marketing funnels, write daily emails, create online products and help you run webinars.

When I need a break, I tend to code up marketing and productivity tools.
If you want financial freedom, location independence and to take back your time that is...

Crave taking a vacation a month to whichever destination calls your name?

When you make money while you sleep, spending your waking hours doing what you love is guilt-free. 

Worried this is too good to be true? I ask you to get to know me and see how it’s done.
This is your chance to live a little. I realized that I want to work to live, not live to work. So I made it happen and want to make this joy available to you. 

I’m a believer that we all have something special to contribute to this planet and each other... I'm here to help you live out your passion and say goodbye to the tasks you hate doing. 

Life’s too short to hate what you do.
Knowing is one thing, but doing is a whole different beast. My mission is to help you leap over the barriers that are holding you back in life!

Here's what will happen...

I share my experience and guidance through emails and blog posts. You get to choose to apply these learnings and start living a life you love... or not.

If you're up for the challenge, don't worry, I'll provide the tools you need along the ride. 
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Forever Asked Questions:
Who are you?
My name’s Dmitri Sennikov. I’m a software developer turned digital marketer, because there’s no use of making an awesome product if you don’t know how to sell it. I have a passion for funnels, ads (ads everywhere!), personal development, copywriting, story telling, getting shit done, and... dogs! 

I’m originally from Almaty, Kazakhstan, lived in St. Petersburg for a few years and moved to Canada when I was 13. I’m thankful to my parents for making the difficult move so I didn’t have to.
What is this place?
This is my man cave. I’ve spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours soaking in sales, marketing and personal development content and have experimented with it for most of my living days.

I figured it’s about time to share my experience with you. This site is a growing collection of all that I’ve found especially useful and I've added my own insights on how to consistently achieve what you set your mind to.

My approach is a combination of my own unique experiences and results, aiming to create assets, stop trading time for money and achieve maximum productivity while working less hours. 
Why should I care?
I don’t like people telling me what I should do, no matter the context. So I won’t do the same to you. 

If you'd like to achieve financial freedom, location independence and take back your time, you may want to stick around.
Is it true that you can write in mirror image with your left hand?
Yes. I have a sort of infatuation with brain science and have discovered this trick to literally light up the creative side of my brain, which really is under-utilized for us righties. I’ve taught myself to write like DaVinci (yes that DaVinci) and love the feeling after I journal in the morning using this style of writing. It gets me wired for the day. 

Bonus! The first letter I wrote to my girlfriend was in this writing... she was super impressed and somehow even found my rare skill romantic.
How come you've read a zillion books?
With time freedom and financial independence come many hours of free time to do what I love. And there’s no better way to relax than with a cup of coffee and a great book

I've cheated a bit by listening to audio books regularly in my car, and especially on my latest trip to Asia. My __ flights in 2017 wouldn't have been the same without my brain food.

My love for books and personal development has also inspired me to write my own. “Entrepreneur's Guide on How to Obliterate Fear and Get Things Done” is currently being edited and I can’t wait to share it with you.
I’ve heard you refer to 'easy money' often. What do you mean? 
'Hard work pays off' is what we were all taught in school and maybe by our parents too. But I’ve learned that easy money is the way to go and it isn’t just a made up gimmick. 

If you let me show you how to focus on building assets instead of working per hour, I guarantee you’ll love easy money too.
How can I work with you? I’m loving this, what should I do next? 
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You'll get hacks to living the life you love delivered directly to your mailbox. 
Get hacks to living the life you love...
Join my daily email tips for private productivity, mindset, business and marketing breakthroughs.
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