[ABC-004] First Facebook Ad Up and Running

It is 11:45pm and I’m just finalizing with the promised Facebook Ad configuration for our 100 Day Affiliate Bootcamp experiment.

Today was a tough day in terms of getting started with the next steps of setting up the ads and running lead generation campaigns.

From the previous days the strategy was there but converting that strategy into an actionable step-by-step plan still takes quite an effort.

First, we created a list of the Dream 100 influencers of people who we think would be a good match for being a Clickfunnels customer.

We got a total list of 122 influencers (so far!)

It took pretty much a day and a half to simply sit down, fire up a new Google Drive spreadsheet and start entering all kinds of names of influencers that we have come across.

[Note: Comment below if you would like to get this list, I’d be happy to share it.]

As always, just after setting up the file and starting to enter a few names, the work became much easier. We finished in about 20 minutes (along with a list of 37 competing or somewhat relevant software applications and a quick list of 5 types of calculators we could use as lead magnets in the near future).

Next was the targeting strategy.

From the Affiliate Bootcamp videos, they were showing that audience of 24-45 years of age works best. And that we should target both United States and Canada for all kinds of names of influencers we could find.

But aren’t we a little smarter than that?

It is good practice to separate the different kinds of audiences into separate Ad Sets.

Although it could be a great test to let Facebook figure out things through its own A.I. algorithms, it is a bit too late to keep making big plans (that may or may not ever materialize as it so happens once in a while).

We opted for targeting a very small niche of people. In a way creating an asset as we go along.

First, I wanted to get people from my local small town of Toronto on my list (perhaps so I could later organize a local meetup). And second, picking a small town or area where people hang out we can then laser focus our messaging and imagery that will stand out in their Facebook feed.

Then, while setting up the audience, I typed in “ppc” and low and behold I ‘accidentally’ stumbled upon this hidden golden treasure chest:

Facebook Targeting Options To Find Active Advertisers

Once I had my audience defined – Toronto Facebook ad spenders (an audience of a total of 5,600 people)…

I quickly hacked an ad together.

Although they do recommend to go after an audience of 500,000 people or more… I’d rather be the known guru in Toronto and show my face 10x to fewer people.

Here’s what we came up with:

First ever ad put up on Day 4 of our 100 Day Affiliate Bootcamp challenge!

Notice Toronto-specific image (along with 3 others we’ll be testing) and fear-based post copy.

It’s set at $20 CAD per day right now. Which means we’ll probably run through our entire current audience in just 3 or 4 days.

And that’s OK because we’ve got 50 other audiences to test and 100 more ads to build.

Testing is the name of THIS game and we just rolled our first few dice…