[ABC-003] Preparing Facebook Ad Lead Generation Strategy

In yesterday’s post we covered how we set up lead conversion email sequence in Infusionsoft and landing pages in Clickfunnels.

Today was the day we were supposed to get started with setting up Facebook Ads and start running traffic to our lead generation pages.

It didn’t turn out as simple as it first may have occurred.

It’s a big beast of an undertaking (especially if you haven’t done this before).

First, we listened to Day 4 of Russell’ video in the Affiliate Bootcamp series. There he mentions the “Dream 100” strategy as is explained in Chet Holmes’ book “Ultimate Sales Machine”:

Book outlining the Dream 100 strategy used by Chet Holmes to sky rocket one his businesses through relentless follow up.

I’ve heard about this strategy in the past and as most people have filed it under “I know that” category and moved on to the next shiny object without putting it into execution.

With the Clickfunnels affiliate experiment we are running though, there isn’t an offer we can put in front of our ideal “Dream 100” clients yet apart from promoting Russell’s book and other offers.

So that may not work.

Next comes the “Parasite” strategy that Russell swiped from the great Jay Abraham.

It still uses the Dream 100 but instead of sending lumpy email and trying to get the person’s private attention, the goal here is to tag along with the established celebrity status of your Dream 100 list and rub off some of that unicorn dust on ourselves and our offers.

An example Russell provides is how he was able to generate thousands of cheap leads by running a giveaway offer for a chance to win $500 worth of Bulletproof products:

Russell running a giveaway offer for a chance to win $500 worth of Bulletproof products

This is an amazing strategy and we may want to run something like that raffling off a ticket to Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within event (that’s about $995 in price).

“Enter for a chance to win a ticket to Tony’s event! Just click and enter your email below…”

That’s still quite pricey and we are not 100% sure how many of Tony’s fans are entrepreneurs and business owners who may benefit from online marketing power provided by signing up for Clickfunnels.

Even though Russell has put together a great resource…

It isn’t simple enough to just blindly follow step by step

That’s where my unique ability comes in. I love to simplify things to the most harmless of steps.

So what do I do?

I take a piece of paper and my favourite Monteverde Invincia Chrome Carbon Fiber writing pen and ask myself a question..

“What promotion can we run to generate leads for the Clickfunnels affiliate challenge?”

Then I wait.

And I wait.

Before I know it, my pen is racing across the blank unlined sheet of paper with ideas and answers to this simple question.

Here’s what came out (which we’ll be tackling over the next few and many days to come):

  • Instead of just A promotion, list all kinds of different promotion ideas we could run
  • List top 100 leaders in the field today to parasite from (see description above what that entails)
  • Find top videos from relevant topics (30-50-100 videos) and test them all as lead magnet gates before pushing people to Clickfunnels offers
  • Find fun quiz ideas we could try as lead magnets
  • Brainstorm specific niche funnels we could provide as share funnels for people to get started easily (like “Copy This Website” offer from Steve Larsen over at Sales Funnel Broker)

    Steve Larsen’s offer to copy Clickfunnels website in hopes to sell them a Clickfunnels subscription
  • List 50-100 audiences we could target via Facebook targeting filters
  • Perry Marshall’s Swiss Army Knife concept to come up with love, hate, friends, enemies lists for the various groups of people we could target
  • List 50-100 groups of people we could target (chiropractors, personal trainers, realtors, etc) who may be interested and in need of Clickfunnels to help with their business
  • Look through our own swipe file of lead magnet offers and create a list of 100 cheatsheets, guides and other quick to create and quick to consume assets we could promote on Facebook

For now..

We’ll start with a list of “Dream 100” leaders in the industry and see how we can parasite off of their celebrity status and offer their followers some interesting videos we find on Youtube.

It’ll look something like this:

Target Famous Person or Brand > Promote an Existing video on Youtube > Get Lead > Show Video and Promote Russell’s DotCom Secrets book offer

Let’s get this puppy on the road!