[ABC-002] Setting Up Initial Landing Pages

This post is part of 100 Day Affiliate Bootcamp challenge.

Today is Day 2! And we are following steps exactly how they are laid out by the Clickfunnels team.

Yesterday we setup a 45 day email sequence into our email autoresponder (Infusionsoft).

Today it’s off to getting our first landing pages up and running as a way to let people to opt-in to our email list.

Easy as pie! We get our affiliate links from Clickfunnels affiliate portal and create simple opt-in pages for the products already provided for us.

First is the DotCom Secrets book (highly recommended):

Free DotCom Secrets Book Opt-in Page

And second is the Funnel Scripts Software to help you create fascinating copy without hiring a copywriter:

FunnelScripts Software Opt-in Page

Now that we have those setup…

Where do we go from here?

The hard work “technically” has been done. We have all of the following elements done and complete:

Ad > Landing Page > Email Opt-inEmail Sequence > Selling Offers

The only one missing is now running traffic to the opt-in pages so we can start testing our offers.

Real marketing effort is yet to begin.

Here’s a post strategy we are going to follow with our Facebook ads, posted earlier today in Clickfunnels (Official) group:

1. TEST copy like a mad man/woman. Generally when I see an ad account people have tested under 10 audiences and maybe 1-2 variations of copy/headlines. I generally test 10+ variations of copy and even more headlines before finding ads that will produce leads at under $1-2.

2. TEST audiences aggresively. Sometimes I might test 50+ audiences before I find my core 5-10 that I roll with, and then roll into various lookalikes from there. Try regular interests along with combinations of interests + behaviors.

3. Work on your HEADLINES. David Ogilvy said “On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” Keep this in mind and write at least 50. Come back the next day and re-read those 50 and eliminate the losers, as coming back with a fresh set of eyes helps. Test your top 10 and adjust accordingly.

How are we going to create 50 split tests of ads?

Perry Marshall has got us covered here with his amazing Swiss Army Knife product where we tackle our target market from 360 degree view and dig deep in their psychological needs and wants so that we can enter “the conversation that happens in their head.”

We’ll aim for $1,000 per month ad spend, that’s roughly $30 per day, 6 ad sets running at the same time. And we’ll see which ones bubble up.

Stay tuned… some real work up ahead but exciting stuff!