[ABC-001] 100 Days to Making an Extra $4K Each Month

Sheridan, IL
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Today we’re starting on a 100 Day Affiliate Bootcamp as advertised by Russell Brunson, the marketing brain behind ClickFunnels.

The concept is simple:

Commit to 100 days of promoting Clickfunnels as an affiliate to start earning monthly $4k in commissions and win a free car (lease payments paid for by Russell and Co).

If you don’t know, Clickfunnels is an easy website builder that lets you setup pages as easy as putting words up in a Word doc.

I’ve been a paying customer since 2016 and have been studying productivity and online marketing for the last six years. Yet still up to this point I have been mainly involved in service delivery and getting paid by the hour as a freelance consultant.

What I’m about to share with you has only occurred to me recently and may change the way you look at the world as you know it.

The week before we said “Good bye!” to our lovely apartment in Toronto, Canada and went on our journey across the North American continent (by a trusty new truck – Ford F-150), a friend asked…

“How can I earn an extra $1k per month of passive income?”

A very cool question that I’m sure many would want to find an answer to as well.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a bread baker, a real estate agent, a computer genius or just trying to start things fresh, the post below will hopefully let you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So.. first, let’s get these straight:

  1. The only way to grow your income is to provide more value
  2. Which means having more than one customer/company you work for
  3. The only way to do so is to study and master sales & marketing

Many a genius are living pay check to pay check because they haven’t been able to see the world outside their current boxed-in world-view.

Marketing isn’t really as transparent of an industry as you may wish it were…

And every promise you find on the internet isn’t exactly one to mortgage your house for.

As such, we want to put Russell’s promise to the test and see if we can get to $4K in passive monthly revenues in just 100 days.

Starting from scratch… which means:

  • No email list
  • No product

We do have some experience under our belt and a whole lot of mindset therapy, including but not limited to:

  • Ability to write emails that are engaging and entertaining in story format
  • Ability to setup Facebook Ads
  • Mindset to afford to risk up to $3,000 in direct Facebook Ad cost
  • Access to Infusionsoft email auto-responder (starting at $99/mo)
  • Access to Clickfunnels ($97/mo after 14-day trial)

If you are just starting out, we may be slightly ahead. But at least we’ll show you the transparent numbers and hopefully you’ll get to see the failures and tribulations that come with the laptop lifestyle.

With that said…

Let me tell you why such a 100 Day Affiliate Bootcamp is one of the most important things you may consider if you want to:

  • Make an extra $1,000+ per month of passive income
  • Quit your day job and start your own lifestyle business
  • Invest all your lifesavings into your ‘new amazing’ startup idea
  • Achieve true financial freedom
  • Feel certain and confident that any day in any circumstance you will be able to make a dollar tomorrow and provide for your family

Introducing… The New Lifestyle Liberation Blueprint:

Lifestyle Liberation Blueprint

Anything you want in life can be achieved using the blueprint above…

Quadrant 1 – Hard Work. Little Money.

No product. No marketing.

95% of the population is in this quadrant. It’s the people who are not creating their own products (assets) and are not marketing them. This includes most employees, managers and even executives who are on the verge of getting fired at any day and any time.

Quadrant 2 – Freedom Apprentice.

Other people’s product. Your marketing.

“Nothing happens before something is sold.” The startup gold rush, the promise of internet riches, the life of passive income can only become possible when you learn and practice setting up sales and marketing systems that can move a product or sell a service.

Starting with a proven product and mastering marketing is the smart way to go. This is exactly what we’ve set out to accomplish in the next 100 days.

Quadrant 3 – The Big League.

Your product. Your marketing.

Once you’re able to practice and fine tune marketing and selling other people’s products and services, you may be ready to start with creating your own.

You could start here but be forewarned. Starting a business you have no idea how to market is going to be frustrating and outright painful!

Quadrant 4 – The Sweet Life.

Your product. Other people are selling and marketing it for you.

That’s what the big league players have graduated to. That’s what Russell Brunson did with Clickfunnels getting 56,000 customers in less than 4 years and earning $130+ million in revenues.

That’s how Perry Marshall is able to generate 261,000 search results on Google referring to his name. All through other affiliates promoting his products.

But before you get there, you start over here…

Step 1 – Setup 29 Day Email Sequence

The formula goes like this:

Ad > Landing Page > Email Opt-in > Email Sequence > Selling Offers

When you sign up for the 100 Day Affiliate Bootcamp, you are given 29 days worth of emails that you can copy and paste into your email auto-responder. Majority of the work is done for you.

Most people won’t put in the effort to do so. It took us 4 hours to copy the emails and set them up in Infusionsoft with appropriate links. It may take you 2 days. Maybe 5.

But once these are setup, they are what’s going to give us that ever eluding passive income.

We’ve done 80% of the work by now. The conversion piece from Traffic + Conversion = $ formula is given to us on a silver platter.

Next up…

We’re looking at 100 days of setting up ads, landing pages and a whole lot of failure and testing to see if we can reach Russell’s promised $4k per month of recurring passive income.

All while living the laptop lifestyle and travelling across North America and back. Should be fun!